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Soft Matters is a research group created in 2015-16 within Ensadlab by Aurélie Mosse and Jean-François Bassereau. Centered on  materiality concerns, the group explores how new materials and new technologies (as much as forgotten ones) can contribute to the design of a more resilient culture.

Soft Matters focuses on a design-led and practice-based approach with a core expertise in the area of textile and material design, smart materials and sensory design but often overlapping with other disciplines such as architecture, fashion, object design or material science.

Placing the conceptualisation and materialisation of artefacts at the centre of its research, the group examines how the materiality of the soft (textiles, flexible materials, digital and biological technologies) influence the practice of design, affects our everyday spaces and practices, but question also its potential for the design of more sustainable futures. To do so the group favours an interdisciplinary dialogue, notably by developing collaborations at the intersection of science, design and engineering.