Textilised Atrium (2017)

A 5-weeks workshop collaboration with the architectural agency SCAU, Paris for Ensad textile design master students 


From the Atrium, the future library of the Montpellier University of Letters imagined by SCAU, students explore  of how self-actuated textiles can take in charge the most ephemeral and evolving part of architectural temporalities: thermal comfort, personalization of spaces and ambiences, more virtuous integration of innovation cycles and of their obsolescence, contribution to visual, olfactive, acoustic comfort, reduction of the energetic consumption of the building.

For further information about the collaboration, please visit this dedicated website: https://www.scau-ensad.com

Pedagogic team :

  • Aurélie Mosse, Jean-François Bassereau, ENSAD
  • François Gillard, Eric de Thoisy, SCAU

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