Courses / workshops

Within ENSAD, Aurélie Mossé and Jean-François Bassereau are keen on developing intricate links between research and pedagogy. Both teaching from master to PhD level, they are primarily involved in the textile & material design department while Aurélie is also providing courses for the fashion department of Ensad and for EnaMoMa. Below is a selection of the courses they lead:

Module interdisciplinaire de l’atome à l’objet (MIAO) 1 week interdisciplinary course bringing together students from chemistry and design backgrounds to explore the design of materials from atoms to objects.   J-F Bassereau and Aurélie Mossé haven taken part into the design  and teaching of this course initiated by Paris Tech Chimie in collaboration with Ensad with the support of PSL.

Matérialités futures Led by Aurélie Mosse & J-F Bassereau, this course aims at exploring new opportunities for textile, material and surface design through a design-led research project developed in collaboration with academic, research or industry partners.  Students are exposed to new materials, processes, technologies or methodologies in relation to textile design practices. They use textiles and materials as a creative medium to question their relationship to the world as designers to nurture innovative scenarios, materials or prototypes. This course is also specifically developed by Aurélie Mossé for the Fashion Design department and EnaMoMa around topic such as zero-waste fashion or wearable design.

e-textiles – A 2 weeks workshop taught by Aurélie Mossé in collaboration with guests such as Maurin Donneaud or Antonin Fourneau to introduce textile design students to the design of electronic textiles. The course combines initiation to programming and crafting of e-textiles.

que sais-je? – This two-weeks course developed by Aurélie Mossé and J-F Bassereau aims at introducing  textile design students to the literature review/state of the art practice and a better understanding of how to develop a research question within the context of design and design-led research projects.  Following two conferences-workshops, students develop by group an hybrid literature and practice review on a specific area of research and innovation relevant to the textile design field.

For examples of these courses, please visit this page